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IDEX connectors (2017-2018 catalog extract)

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Catalog extract
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5 February 2018
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Connectors are designed to securely join tubing together or to facilitate the joining of tubing to other fluid pathway components.

IDEX offers multiport connectors with different thread and port configurations to meet your system requirements and connection needs. Some of their connectors feature a True ZDV (Zero Dead Volume) internal configuration that helps minimize the formation of dead volume in your fluidic pathway. Their versatile adapters help bring two connectors with different configurations together. Connectors are manufactured from 316 stainless steel or from inert polymers to ensure chemical compatibility with the fluid passing through. Peristaltic tube connectors are ideal for making connections with soft-walled, peristaltic tubing. Their extensive line of connectors includes tees, crosses, Luer Adapters, barbed and threaded adapters, and a variety of other options.